Twitten, Louise Kenward

Twitter, Louise Kenward


‘Twitten’ is an intervention in this ‘in between’ space between the High Street and Mount Street car park.  Interested in the ‘betwixt and between’ of the liminal and the ordinary and everyday experiences which go overlooked and unseen.  This work continues to explore interests in self and experience of space. Commissioned by Battle Art TrailSeptember 2011.

An installation of perspex mirrored panels throughout the twitten, at different heights and angles.  The pieces were positioned with a view to going unseen until the passer by catches a glimpse of their own movement and reflection.  As light catches the surface the ‘audience’ is made aware of their own surroundings and sense of self in place.

Supported by Arts Council England and sponsored by AHA architects.

Twitten, Louise Kenward Twitten, Louise Kenward