Images from a collaborative residency commissioned for Espace36 gallery and Notre Dame Cathedral, St Omer as part of a year long conversation between Louise Kenward and Nicole Zaaroura in borrowed spaces


Louise Kenward & Nicole Zaaroura, 2016


Chordae Tendineae

Chordae TendineaeResidency – Louise Kenward & Nicole Zaaroura





“an imaginary surface joining all points in space that are reached at the same instant by a wave propagating through a medium”

Tracey Jones collective, Dover Arts Centre, Kent. Collaborating with Matthew Pitts, Richard Webb, Rebecca Ellis, Sarah Yates (2009).



photographs of Transport by Rob Walker

Towner off-site installation of site-specific sculpture. Collaboration with David Kefford, Ollie Zurek, Meredith Dellar (2008). The project developed over the course of four days.


Film created with Sarah Yates, Andrew Moran, Richard Webb. Shown at The Beacon, 2008.